Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our mission is stimulate real transformation in people’s lives by providing a space and community to build healthy habits, mindset, movement, emotions and nutrition, in order to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

MtMhealth is community driven for a real and lasting transformation, through a “deep look” within yourself.
We understand the wholeness and interconnection between all levels of the self. This is the basis of our programs and services.

Extraordinary Experiences

Founders of Team MtMhealth ,creators of this community, have experienced a deep transformation in their own lives. “Walks the walk & talk the talk” is the summary of their last years of ongoing transformation. Through devotion (faith and compromise), the team has mastered several practices and tools, which support all MtMhealth programs and services.

Over the years, MtMhealth has capitalized learnings and life experiences, with structured and intentional programs as an outcome.

Our Core Values

MtMhealth takes a stand for:

Team MtMhealth

MtMhealth presents

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