Monday Morning Check-In: Escape & Evasion… which type are you?

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What skills do you use to escape & evade reality? Are you inflicting pain on others or choose to damage yourself?
Coping mechanisms are strategies to deal with stress. The way you deal with stress defines the consequences. Do you walk the balanced path and the sabotaging path? 

When you’re performing on a low frequency sabotage is imminent. Addiction will follow and either yourself or your loved ones will get hit. Are you the “numbing” type or the “stimulating” type? Are your numbing stress and anxiety with alcohol or drugs? Or are your constantly looking for the next stimulus by becoming a workaholic, adrenaline junkie or “living” in the gym.

The first step in stress management is being aware of your specific shadows and default settings in dealing with stress.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What negative emotion is underneath my feelings of stress? Is it anger, jealously, fear, sadness, shame or guilt?

  2. What pattern do I recognize? Are you constantly falling for the same negative behavioral pattern? What do they look like?

  3. What is causing this negative cycle? (Go back further than the last painful life event you experienced).

Implement new strategies in your life style to break through this pattern. Learn to respond (you will remain in control) instead of react (you give away your control). When shit hits the fan Pauze, Breathe, Think & Act. PBTA is a powerful tool my mentor Mark Divine thought me.

Start doing the work! 1% better each day.

You are NOT alone.

Roderick Smeijer

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