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4 frameworks for human development

Dustin talks about the 4 phrases, wake up, grow up, clean up, show up and how that allows us to understand ourselves as an emergent principle of reality interconnectedness with a base of wholeness and how we act out our uniqueness from wholeness.

Integral Theory by Ken Wilber

In the following two videos we talk about useful practices for waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up for life, i.e. for transitioning from the 1st onto the 2nd tier of human development.

Building Habits

James Clear, author of the NY Times bestseller, Atomic Habits, on how small incremental changes in your life can lead to remarkable results.

Reduce Anxiety with Physiological Sigh

Here Huberman describes "Physiological Sighs" which is a pattern of breathing of two inhales, followed by an extended exhale.

Integral development

As a lifelong yogi, martial artist, and Navy SEAL, Mark Divine is fascinated by the evolution of consciousness and encourage others to awaken their awareness to this process.

Nasal Breathing

Patrick McKeown, the world-renowned breathing expert, author, and lecturer. Over the past 15 years, he has trained thousands of people around the world with breathing techniques that lower stress levels, reduce overall anxiety, and improve physical wellbeing.

Keeping caffeine in the friend zone

Coffee is like a good friend who roots for you, boosts your mood, and gives you the energy to enjoy the day. But all healthy relationships require healthy boundaries, and that includes your relationship with coffee.— More specifically, your relationship with the stimulating component of coffee: caffeine.