Roderick Smeijer


From a speechless, scrawny and insecure boy to a gracious, pure and authentic human being. Choosing to be a student of life instead of victim. My developmental path started as a 15 year old boy in high school being motivated by my gym teacher to start physical exercise. My drive, resilience and strength further developed as a Special Forces operator, police officer and Kokoro-Yoga teacher. Driven by my core values unity, service and self-mastery, I take a stance for making Integral Development and a sense of belonging accessible for all.



Angel Izekor


Occasionally I look back at my life and I saw a lonely girl, who had lost her loved ones and guardian,  traveling  a perilous journey on her tod, filled with lack of direction, uncertainties, anxiety, fear, mountains that seemed insurmountable. She knew what she wanted, but when she from where she stood to where she wanted to go, the journey seemed impossible. So many times, she gave up and settled for less in match of her perception of reality. Time and again, she felt the zeal and strength to continue the journey. With little self-awareness, hidden/unknown skills and potential, she believed she could be more, do more, and achieve more. She thought if she worked harder, prayed harder, tried harder that she’d feel free, someone might notice her, the heartache might fade away, or she’d wake up one morning to see her life just how she envisioned it.  Just reflecting on this makes me feel “if I had known better”.  All those sleepless nights were so unnecessary, I should have lived it to the fullest! There’s still time.

The truth is, the journey has been rewarding, things are still changing and reality is only a momentary perception. There is nothing that I have aspired to achieve that did not come true. The funny thing is, the ‘how’s and ‘what’s of achieving my goals came to me like I was waking up for the first time and realizing I’ve got an AFRO – we have what it takes! And every loss, pain, abuse, bruise, ups, downs, and setbacks all brought me to this day. I did not let the voices saying “what about all that I have already done with NO result” stop me.

Today, I am an experienced HR Manager, with strong leadership skills and a demonstrated history of HR effectiveness, managing change and driving optimal and sustainable performance. I have extensive experience  working with CEOs and C-suite leaders in driving end-to-end organizational transformation, leading and managing with a people centered approached.

As a professional coach, I partner with my clients to maximize their potential, focusing on their  journey of success through growth, clarity, and specific goal-setting. Coaching can help ‘bridge the gap’ from where you are currently to a more enjoyable and fulfilling life and career, overcoming challenges and barriers along the way.

Our journey together begins with a brief Clarity Call. Once we determine our fit, together we will partner to tap into your full and creative potential by creating a space for growth, self-reflection, sharing, and self-discovery. If you are ready, schedule a call today,