Health coaching

Master the hierarchy of health, merging ancient wisdom with modern science…

Health is all about setting priorities. You can work out all you want, but without dialing in your nutrition and sleep exercise will not be enough. Just think of it in this way: What is it that the body can’t do without? And set up your practice around that.


The human body simply cannot function without oxygen. Breath work therefore is a fundamental practice in MtMHealth coaching programs.


No growth without proper recovery. Next in line is sleep. You can train all you want, but without proper breathing and sleep the body will not be balanced.


The human body stops functioning optimally, when in a state of dehydration. It is better equipped to deal with this than the removal of oxygen and sleep. Third in line is providing proper hydration for your body.


Often mentioned as THE most important factor in a health lifestyle. Most certainly essential for it, but less important than the 3 pillars mentioned before. The body can spend days, even weeks, without food and still functions.

Physical exercise

Essential for integral health, but not the most important. As said before; when you exercise daily without proper breathing, sleeping, hydration and nutrition, the body will not flourish optimally.

MtMHealth will guide you in setting up a solid lifestyle. We offer you knowledge and practical tools coming from the ancient traditions of Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and the modern science of epigenetics and orthomoleculair therapy.

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