Integral Development

The greatness of the whole

Where motivation becomes devotion

” It has delivered astonishing levels of focus and energy while ensuring that I am growing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually every day.”

– Mark Divine, Unbeatable Mind-

MtMhealth stands up for a wholeness perspective, not a life separated in broken fragments. We focus on the interconnection of body, mind and emotions, as one single unit. This principle is merged in all of our services and programs, the combination between the “effort” and “ease” for a positive transformation in our lives.

We provide our community with knowledge, tools and practices based on the following elements:


Relaxation practices as breath work, meditation, yoga or other mindfulness exercise, have great benefits and form the basis for recovery based training.


Achieving peace of mind is a continuous journey. We are able to master our problems and struggles. It’s not what happens to you, but how you deal with it. That’s what matters.


The “shadow” side of ourselves is often deeply buried in our psyche. It is difficult to shed light upon. Uncovering buried emotional baggage is often all that is needed to release it.


Getting connected to your heart, the center of intuition, allows you to experience more flow in all your actions.


The holy grail. Spirituality comes in different forms. The merging of heart and mind allows you to discover your purpose, passion and unique self.

Selfmastery in service of others, that’s what we’re here for.  Who are you, what are your unique skills and how can you live a life in service of the greater good.