Blog 5: Daddy’s home

How love hurts…Did you ever hear someone talk about “unconditional love”? I did and did not believe in this at first. Until I became a father. A mother’s love for her child grows stronger and stronger during the nine months of oneness in the womb.

Blog 4: The mental prison

How to express your personality without taking things personally? And what happens with your personality after experiencing institutionalization? These questions came to my mind last week, when I was supporting a young kid depending on institutions 24/7.

Blog 3: The blame game

Playing the “Blame-Game” is another form of shadow behavior. Blame is an expression of anger projected outwardly. It causes self-sabotage and keeps you in a victim state of mind. Freedom follows when blame is transformed to forgiveness and, eventually, love.

Blog 2: Are you being bold?

The Hurt Locker is the first thought that comes to my mind, when I think of boldness. This movie is about an Iraq War Explosive Ordnance Disposal team (EOD). Character James is an action junkie and therefore not to rational. But he is also able to make socially smart decisions that are in the service of the bigger picture.

Blog 1: Escape & Evasion, which type are you?

What skills do you use to escape & evade reality? Are you inflicting pain on others or choose to damage yourself? Coping mechanisms are strategies to deal with stress. The way you deal with stress defines the consequences. Do you walk the balanced path and the sabotaging path?